Proofreading and Editing Services

Our clients trust us to provide fast, affordable and reliable professional proofreading and editing services for all document types applicable to various industries and institutions. Select one of our  services and let our elite team of highly qualified proofreaders and editors help you to get started.


Business/Corporate Proofreading and Editing Services 

At LingScript, we provide expert proofreading and editing services for all your business documents, including brochures, newsletters, press releases, reports, business proposals, presentations, websites, professional emails and more.

In editing, we ensure that your business documents are formally written, bearing tone, format and the organization of sentences and paragraphs in mind.  With our professional proofreading and editing services, your business documents will exude professionalism, and they will clearly express the ideas you wish to convey in an organized  and compelling manner. 

In proofreading your documents, we check for all errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization to ensure that you will have a clear, error-free document.

Would you prefer for your documents to be crafted from a blank page to perfection? Consider our writing services

You need a proofreading and editing service that will transform your writing and your documents to enable them to make an impact on your business partners and prospective clients. 

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Architectural Building Design

Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

Here at LingScript, we proofread and edit your dissertations, academic articles, essays and theses by meticulously scrutinizing your papers and providing suggested corrections for all errors of grammar,  inappropriate referencing and incoherence of thought.


We assess all areas of grammar including subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement and sentence structure, with an aim at identifying unsightly errors. These include misplaced modifiers, dangling modifiers, run-on sentences and sentence fragments among other commonly made mistakes. 

With our professional proofreading and editing service, we also ensure consistency in your use of punctuation and capitalization, and check for errors in diction. 


A paper laden with sentence structure errors, spelling errors and misused words takes away from the quality of work, and with the help of LingScript, you will always be assured a publication-ready copy.

It is logical that if the content of your paper is superb, your paper should be awarded an excellent grade, and if written for publication, it should be accepted by a reputable journal in your field of research.


However, the organization of ideas, the clarity of points made, the writing style and the coherence of paragraphs are critical to the overall impact that the paper will have.


LingScript's editing service reviews your paper to ensure that these critical points are covered. If not handled well, they detract from the message being relayed to the reader.

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Job Interview

Personal and Professional Development-Job Application Proofreading and Editing Services

Our clients enjoy the services we provide in proofreading and editing personal and professional documents such as résumés, CVs and cover letters (job application letters).


A good cover letter and résumé or CV allow you to market yourself to a prospective employer as the ideal candidate for employment within an organization.

The format of your document, the details shared and the use of well-structured, error-free sentences make a lasting impression on the interviewer.


LingScript offers a complete package that will assist you in scoring a winning job application. With our package, you will be judged on your merits, not your writing skills. With our assistance, your merits will be complemented by an impressive job application.

Consider using our writing services to craft both your cover letter and your CV or résumé.


You may then give your sole attention to preparing for the interview. The business discourse professors on our team are also able to offer assistance in crafting a targeted application letter, résumé or CV that is in line with your level of education, experience, skills and the position for which you are applying.


Feel free to contact us regarding our services. We are ready to assist you on your journey.

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