Full Verbatim Audio Transcription Service

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Ideal for Researchers and Professionals in the Legal System

No omissions


Audio to text transcriptions do not get more detailed than this. Verbatim transcriptions are, as the name implies, an exact replica of the recording submitted. There are no omissions.


For professionals such as field researchers, linguists, academics, law enforcement and attorneys, for whom every stutter, filler and laughter is important, all details audible in the audio file recording are meticulously represented in the transcript.


 Speaker IDs and Timestamps

Both Speaker IDs and Timestamps are included, and in keeping with our promise of quality assurance, the final transcription is checked in rounds.

Quality Assurance Checked for 99%+ Accuracy


With this premium service, the transcription is first checked by the transcriptionist. It is then double checked by a member of our elite team of expert transcriptionists and linguists before it passed on to you.

No Additional Cost for Accents and Multiple Speakers

There are also no additional fees for accents or for multiple speakers.

Fast Delivery Times

This service may be booked as Express (1 day) , Moderate (2-4 days) or Standard (5-7 days).

Affordable Rates

Select 'Book a Verbatim Transcription Service' to see our reasonable pricing options and choose your flexible package, starting at $1.50 per audio minute.

Quality guaranteed

Quality is guaranteed as our transcriptions are done by qualified transcriptionists, who average 98% accuracy on the first draft of a transcription. The standard and verbatim transcription services packages on offer are further checked and reviewed by highly qualified professionals, who hold Master's degrees or a PhDs in a relevant area such as Linguistics, a discipline in which transcriptions are a specialized area of study.  

Professional Conventions

We follow and maintain standard transcription conventions used in the field of Linguistics, where transcription has its base and is taught as an area of study. By choosing LingScript, you can be assured high-quality work that exudes professionalism and that pays attention to the finer details.