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Business Documents

Each facet of your company benefits from good organisation, and that includes maintaining good records and documenting all decisions and calls for action made. This need not require a new addition to your payroll, or even a new department. Entrust LingScript to take care of your documentation needs with our content writing and copywriting services. With SSL encryption that our site provides and the No Disclosure Agreement that our staff sign, information you provide to us is treated with high sensitivity and security is guaranteed. 


With LingScript, that report due or that business presentation that you need to deliver are placed right at your fingertips. Simply provide us with the information, and we will create a formal document that represents what your organization stands for. Our work provides meticulous attention to detail and an accurate representation of information, complemented by illustrative graphs and charts. Simply request the type of document you need, and we will have it done.

Not yet a business owner? Score a winning business proposal that, with a good product, is sure to have investors willing to consider a partnership with you, or that will enhance your opportunity at acquiring a start-up loan from your financial institution. Our qualified team is ready to partner with you on the path to financial success. 

Web Design

Website Content

A company's website is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression in the mind of prospective customers. LingScript provides a copywriting service  that delivers compelling content, narrating the story you wish for your customers or clients to hear. Allow us to transform the content of your website to appeal to new and existing customers, and importantly, to search engines.

LingScript specializes in content for blogs too. Leave the maintenance of your website and the creation of new blog posts to us. In doing so, you may focus on what matters most: profits.  

With LingScript's targeted writing, you will boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consequently, visitor traffic to your site.


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While in consideration of ethics, we do not write your essays, reports, research papers and dissertations, LingScript is the perfect option to aid you in o. Consider our proofreading and editing services, where we correct all errors of language use and restructure your paper to achieve clarity and coherence.

Leave the referencing of sources to us.  We'll modify your in-text citations and reference page or bibliography according to the required referencing style

Detailed Reviews done by professors and teacher-trainers with a Master's degree or PhD are also available to assist you in creating a plan for your work, inclusive of chapter titles, subtitles and drafts. We'll review your content and provide you with feedback to assist you along the way.

Do you have audio that needs to be transformed to text for analysis? Consider our reliable transcription services.